DAMMIT, I just wrote a big long beautiful post and Blogger ate it. *grumble* Let me see if I can ressurect the idea, at any rate.

Today, David and I got an unexpected surprise. A letter arrived from Antony Penrose, the son of the late Lee Miller. There is a song for her on our last album and we had sent a copy to her archives to thank them and just to let them know that her work is still affecting people. I don't think we realized that her son would ever hear it. He writes,

It is always very moving to find that my mother's work has inspired other artists, and particularly when their work honours her in the elegant and sensitive way your composition does. Your music captures some of her spirit, the atmosphere of her time and her achievement.

What a lovely man. I look forward to reading the book he wrote about his mother. She was a beautiful person who was the muse for several artists before becoming her own. I thank her for that inspiration that she passed on to us.

nothing scares me anymore
not death or destiny
i will be the witness to
the breadth of what we will ourselves to be



*incoherent from her Chinese-New-Year-Must-Visit/Greet-Half-A-Million- Relatives-And-Friends-With-Her-Fam-In-A-Day experience, but you get the drift, right? ^_^;*
Mimi | 01.22.04 - 8:43 am | #

HAPPY NEW YEAR, MIMI! Year of the Monkey, right? I hope you're having an amazing time, but we still miss you.
a | 01.22.04 - 9:10 am

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