Am in Albuquerque again, taking care of Mom for another week. She is doing alright. Her progress feels slow to her, but I see a definite change. I look to the Spring and the health it will bring to her. This is not an easy time, but there has to be an end to it eventually. There's no way around it: this surgery was a bitch.

Today was my niece Isabella's FIFTH birthday. I can hardly believe it. She told me last night that she is sad about turning five because she doesn't want to get old. Oh my Lord. She said that now she will have a lot more responsibilities and she'll have to clean her room more often. She's not looking forward to it. Still, we had lunch at Chuck E. Cheese and on Friday she will have a big birthday party, which will be a Princess Ball. I can hardly wait. I haven't a thing to wear, but I'm going to cry and cry until my fairy godmother appears and outfits me correctly. I expect full on glass shoes.

Lots of pictures to follow when I get home, whenever that is. I think my husband has forgotten my face. I certainly can't remember his. Isn't he around 5'2" with clown hair and kaleidescope eyes? Anyone?


love love love to you and your mom and david and isabella too.
ashley | 01.26.04 - 8:45 pm | #

Kids say the most profound things sometimes! You can't help wanting to laugh, but you have to refrain anyway, because these are their major life issues!! Oh, to be five again, when cleaning my room was my biggest responsibility...Enjoy your visit with your family.
Lisa | 01.27.04 - 8:23 am | #

p.s. I think I have a wild gypsy princess dress you can borrow.
ashley | 01.28.04 - 6:52 pm | #

Please thank your mom for the beautiful card and give her my best. I want to hear all about the Princess Ball!
tifanie | 02.02.04 - 4:40 pm

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