It's time once again for my Personal Top Ten for 2003. These are in no particular order of relevance or importance or genre. Also, some things may have come out years earlier but I only just experienced them this year. I think you can deal with the incongruity.

1. Return of the King. "Do not be too sad, Sam. You cannot always be torn in two. You will have to be one and whole, for many years. You have so much to enjoy, and to be, and to do." Insert sword into chest here.

2. Quitting my job and becoming a temporary tempy temp is the best decision I made this year, hands down.

3. The nurses at the 5100 unit at Creighton University Medical Center: for giving me the security code to the Galley. Oh yeah, and saving my Mom's life.

4. The Basic Eight by Daniel Handler.
Study Questions:
*In order to sell, a work of literature now has to be condensed into a few pithy paragraphs on the front flap. Does this seem right to you? Why or why not?
*Really, the only way to tell if a book is any good is to purchase it for yourself, take it home, and read it all the way through. Don't you think? Why or why not?
*If a boy is messing with your head, is it okay to pummel his head? Why or why not?

5. Eddie Izzard is my new favorite comedian. Turn on any of his work and feel the mental pumelling begin. I get so tired from laughing by the end of his shows that I'm left with just a vague, glassy smile. Fantastic.

6. Yosemite and New York were our two big trips this year (*cough*i'mblockingoutOmaha*cough*). Very opposite in nature, these two places, but both touched the soul in the places LA can't reach.

7. Snow Cherries From France, Tori Amos:
"they look like pirates from here"
boy, i've been one for years
just keeping my head
and when i promised my hand
you promised me back
snow cherries from france

8. Mr. Show, The Complete Third Season (but really all of it). I don't know what happened, but this year I think I really found my sense of humor. Or rather, I found how bloody important it is to have one. This is some of the most intelligent, biting, evil humor I've ever seen.

9. The films of Hayao Miyazaki. I'm a little late on this bandwagon but WOW, am I glad I made it. His work is inspiration and imagination completely unfettered. I feel outside of time, space, and my own body when I watch.

10. This year I met Brighid, Belenos, Danu, and The Morrigan, and I have Pam to thank. I felt my Mom's teaching legacy blossom gloriously in Ashley. I rejoiced in the strength that took Lynette up the cliff wall. I was inspired by the love that made Tifanie move across the country and say "yes". I was uplifted by the confidence that My Yellow showed in our work. I got to see what Mimi sees through her lens. I fell again into Shawn's oceanic eyes. I was kept alive by the prayer and love offered in dark nights. My greatest gift was my friends, especially my Samwise, who every day carries me up the mountain.

Happy New Year, my lovelies.


Happy New Year, cherished friend.
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