I'm almost mostly back up and going. For some reason we can't get the main domain to point to the right thing, so if you're reading this, it's because you bookmarked the page, you lucky devil. The email should be working now. For anyone who has tried sending email here in the last few days, please re-send.

I have two joyous newsbits to report:

1. Yesterday, mom flew home. She got there. It wasn't easy, but she got there.

2. Only a few hours later, her third grandchild (and my new nephew) was born: Gabriel Thomas Rowe.

My nephew Nathaniel is probably squealing with glee that his new brother is named after his favorite tank engine. I've already had two very intense dreams with the little guy, and am very excited to meet him next week.

-Adriana, still very freakin exhausted beyond reckoning from a month of Hell followed by Trilogy Tuesday, which officially broke her.


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