Comfort and Joy.

Just got back from New Mexico, where the days blew past in a dream. David and I stayed at my cousin Christina's house, home of the two most fantasticalist children one could hope to know. They laid out cookies for Santa and Cheerios for the reindeer on Christmas Eve, and all their wishes came true the next morning. What a simple and beautiful wonderment it is to live so happily.

Mom was weak but graceful and allowed us to stay and take care of her during the days. Everyone was either recovering from illness or in the middle of it, so we had to wear masks to protect ourselves and her from further complications. We were swilling draughts of Airborne like there was no tomorrow. The masks scared the bejeezus out of my niece and nephew, who decided it was easier to ignore the scary people with white things on their mouths than talk to them. My sister-in-law Shannon, who was just a week out from having the baby, was rushed to the hospital on Christmas Eve for scary high blood pressure. She is doing much better now, but it was a stressful 24 hours. We got to meet my new nephew Gabriel, who was just the most perfect one-week-old you could imagine.

Christmas morning was spent with David's family (including his brother), who were as loving and supportive as ever. Then it was off to Mom and Dad's for a very quiet afternoon. My sister was amazing, offering my mom great Hope and encouragement. I am proud of my Mom for meeting her goal of getting through Christmas, and now she needs to make some new goals, to create a future for herself. She says that she can't be who she was anymore, that this has forced her physically and emotionally to shrug off anything that was holding her down. I can't wait to see what emerges.

I had the good fortune to see a goldmine of 8mm films and slides from my childhood, a reality that slips in and out of my memory. I found that more than anything, I remembered people's clothing and hair the most. Daniel's blue train shirt, Dad's huge glasses, my Mom's Lady Aberlaine look, Victoria's feathered bangs. I even caught a glimpse of one of my very first performances on stage, as Molly in Annie. It was exactly as I remembered it. Perhaps my memory is not as bad as I've supposed.

How was everyone's holidays? I hope you are all happy, and well. Pictures are on the Fun page.


Love the pics. The whole family looks good. I especially like the one of your Mom holding Gabriel, and you are sitting next to her. Thank you for reminding me of the luminaria/grave tradition. I miss honoring my grandma like that.
Lisa | 12.30.03 - 6:22 am

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