This is so freakin cool. Here's a widow who really used her ill-begotten blood money well, as opposed to someone like Sarah Winchester who just built a giant house to confuse vengeful spirits. Go NPR! ...Will you play our music now?

Photographer Mimi Ko asks if the paint was a better shade of green. Yes, oh yes, oh yes. It's a good thing that Home Depot lets you return paint. Pictures to follow.

And HELLO, Tifanie and Mike, his name is Naked Guy! He doesn't have a REAL name. He's just Naked Guy.

P.S. - Don't ever work in Worker's Comp if you can avoid it.


I thought "Naked Guy" was the Times Square guy with the cowboy hat and guitar. At least, he's a better looking naked guy. The NPR thing rules. Speaking of the Winchester House, does anyone remember what is written above the mantle in one of the fancy front rooms? It has been driving me crazy.
tifanie | 11.06.03 - 5:38 pm | #

Am I the only person who thinks it'd be cool to take over a small island nation, forcibly devote its entire economy to the manufacture and sale of hardware and then declare myself the Home Despot?
maiello | 11.06.03 - 5:56 pm | #

oh, mike, that made me slap my forehead.

tifanie, it says "Wide Unclasp The Tables Of Their Thoughts." i know this because a postcard of it is on my fridge. because i'm a doofus. and because it's strange. apparently it was a random quote from Shakespeare that didn't have any relevance that anyone can figure out.
a | 11.06.03 - 7:58 pm | #

there's definitely room in this world for more than one Naked Guy
a | 11.06.03 - 7:59 pm | #

Good god, Adriana, stop callin' me that! >_<

Actually, a few of my friends in Boston who go to Home Depot often do call it "Home Despot". ^_^; Brings back memories of world history class.
Mimi | 11.06.03 - 8:55 pm | #

Wow, Adi, I can't believe you knew that quote. But then, of course you did. Thank you. And yes, there is plenty of room for Naked Guys. Plenty. Mike- you probably are the only one. Just one of the reasons why we love you so.
tifanie | 11.06.03 - 10:16 pm | #

No one has called me Adi in a long time. Wow.
A | 11.07.03 - 12:18 pm | #

I know, I was thinking that when I typed it... ah, memories....
tifanie | 11.07.03 - 11:13 pm

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