There is no way to describe the feeling of absolute rhapsody we felt on Friday night as a massive thunderstorm poured over us while prayers of thanks were offered to the earth. *LIGHTNING* "These are the waters of life!" *LIGHTNING* It was awe-inspiring. This city was in dire need of rain, and it came in glorious, crashing buckets on Halloween night, drenching us all in a baptismal cleansing. I had some realizations about my life calling as well that night, so it was indeed magical.

On the FUN page you will see pics of our jack-o-lanterns. We are the snarky neighbors who gave out such non-tooth-rotting items as Teddy Grahams and temporary tattoos and some sort of peanut butter molasses candy from the 50's. I didn't hear anyone complaining, though, because the whole bucket was cleaned out, and I suspiciously saw an empty wrapper of Teddy Grahams outside our very grumpy neighbor's apartment door, and I don't think they even have any kids. If they have kids, they keep them in a cage and only let them out for Armenian holy days.

I've had an unusual dedication to cooking lately. Usually it's "heat-up-a-Trader-Joe-and-away-we-go," but now that I'm kind of working part-time (not voluntarily) I find myself trying to make the Ultimate Lentil Soup or Apple Crumble Your Mom Would Cry Over. AND, I'm planning on painting our room tomorrow. Has the whole world gone mad? I've turned into Suzy Homemaker. I've even started trying my hand at watercolors. Is this what it's like to have Time in your life? Now all I need to do is write some good music. I'm trying, but so far it's not good. The joy is, though, that I get to try.


Rock on, girl.
DR. oze | 11.03.03 - 3:18 pm | #

Yeah, rock on indeed. You wanna know about Crazynuts? I carved the same crazy KKK/witch figure with the burning crotch in a lotus position on my pumpkin, too! (the strange hat reminded me of Mac W.)
tifanie | 11.03.03 - 8:53 pm | #

HAHAHAHHAh i should have known. we felt lame for doing the patterns but we hadn't a creative bone in our bodies that night. It really IS rather Wellman-y, isn't it?
a | 11.03.03 - 9:29 pm | #

Yes- I thought maybe it was the Swamp Gahoon...
tifanie | 11.04.03 - 8:41 am | #

Ooo, spooky. See, we used the patterns too - then we tried to spice our up a bit for this contest the theatre was having in the lobby. We carved a skull from a pattern on it and stuck a dagger in the top of the pumpkin.
If only we'd known about the Witch of the Burning Crotch.

Sounds like life's pretty sweet right now...
D | 11.04.03 - 9:57 am | #

The Swamp Gahoon!
The Swamp Gahoon!
The Swamp Gahoon!

Don, where the hell have you been?
A | 11.04.03 - 10:21 am | #

What do you mean "where the hell have [I] been?"

Where have YOU been?
D | 11.04.03 - 12:45 pm | #

By Blogger adriana, at Tuesday, October 02, 2007 9:51:00 PM  

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