People have asked, so here's the contact info for where we'll be staying. I don't have a room number yet, but it'll be under Camilla Rowe. Considering I don't have a known readership in Nebraka, I feel it's safe to put this info here. If you want to stalk me, at least bring chocolate or cash.

My mom will be at Creighton University Medical Center but I don't really know what the contact info would be there either. More info when it becomes apparent.

There is currently an email list being made of those who want to be kept informed about her condition. If you want to be on it, let me know in the comment field.

I'm convinced that no one replied to yesterday's post because you simply can't compete with Mike's comment.


You're the best, Ms. Roze, especially because you find me funny when I'm being sophomoric. And that's why I want to let you know what happens when one tries to get to your blog on Internet Explorer and hits "return" before after typing "adriana" and assuming that the "roze" will pop up automatically. One gets sent to: Still being sophomoric but still you're #1 fan, Mike
Mike M. | 11.14.03 - 6:33 pm | #

well, my secret's out. i own that site too.
a | 11.14.03 - 7:32 pm | #

Cool. Please email me to discuss discount purchases
Mike M. | 11.14.03 - 7:46 pm | #

Umm...yeah- Couldn't comment on the Kant thing. I Kan't even remember what that guy said. In fact, when we studied him in my honors course of ten people at a round table, I managed to fall asleep in EVERY SINGLE CLASS and somehow still was not kicked out. Perhaps everyone else had also fallen asleep? Mike is over my head most of the time, one of the many reasons I adore him so. Please put me on the list about your mom's condition. I have something she must have- where shall I send it it? It is very small. I'm glad about the twigs, and love you so.
tifanie | 11.14.03 - 8:50 pm | #

Oh, and also? I would like one "E-Z Rider." Does that come wth an instructional video?
tifanie | 11.14.03 - 8:54 pm | #

me me me
ashley who loves you | Homepage | 11.14.03 - 11:26 pm | #

*hugz* Please put me on the list. Hope everything goes well... Hang in there!
Mimi | 11.16.03 - 8:28 am | #

Have a safe trip today and know that we all love ya. And please add me to your email list when you get a chance.
Mike M. | 11.16.03 - 9:43 am | #

Omaha, what a fun spot.
Have a Runza and visit the Desert Dome.

There's a great restaurant/shopping district downtown.

And... perhaps... take a nap?

Hope all goes amazingly, unpredictably well.
dw | 11.17.03 - 7:19 am | #

big hugs to you and your Mom. You know I'd come stalk you if Nebraska didn't frighten me so . . .
Maure | Homepage | 11.18.03 - 1:52 am |

By Blogger adriana, at Tuesday, October 02, 2007 9:43:00 PM  

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