I'm sorry. I really thought I'd be able to write here. I thought I'd be able to tell you what this is like. Instead all I can do is sit in this hospital room and stare at her. I haven't been able to focus much on anything else. I'm sure that in the days ahead my clarity and focus will return.

I just keep thinking about Health, and how important it is, that in fact there might be nothing in the world that is more important, because without it you've got nothing. I want all of you to take care of yourselves. I want everyone I love to eat properly, to excercise and quit smoking. If there is something about your body or you life that is making you unwell, change it. You don't want this in your future. You don't want Disease. It's not a friend who is easy to sit with. I want you all to live with Happiness and Love in your life. Love for your body, for your calling, for anything at all. Let it be the reason to live and be healthy.

I love you all, my dear friends.


Love for you.
tifanie | 11.25.03 - 6:44 pm | #

We love you too, Adriana. And we're all thinking about you. And since it's Thanksgiving, we're all happy for your friendship. Okay, I'll stop speaking for everybody now.
Mike M. | 11.27.03 - 8:01 am

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