The Universe has an amazing, glorious, hilarious sense of humor that simply cannot be bested.

The light is a rather unsettling shade of orange today as fires are slowly consuming Southern California, to the North, East, and South of here. I'm sure if the ocean could catch on fire it would, just to keep up. I'm sure it's not helping that it's about 4,000 degrees here every day with those Santa Ana winds that drive people to desperate acts of crime. PLUS, the sun itself is getting in on the act. Ah, the glorious fires of fall. How I love them.

I have been unemployed all week. You might think that's a nice thing, and it is to an extent, but unfortunately this city wants me to pay it money in order to live. *grumble* On the absolutely wonderful side of things, I've been working on music and writing lyrics like a mofo. Hopefully that new EP won't be as far off as expected. On Wednesday I also got to go to a screening of Pirates of the Caribbean (with every other unemployed actor in town) and Geoffrey Rush was there and spoke eloquently on his amazingness. The man just rules, and it's always good to be reminded of the heart of this desire to act. When you're in the presence of someone who is following their true path, it really puts everything in its right place.

My right place at the moment is here at home, trying to figure out how to make this keyboard sound like the lyre of Apollo.


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