Today saw the send-off of our CD to Nic Harcourt, God of All Airwaves and present King of the World at KCRW. If you don't know who he is, you had better learn if you know what's good for you. Everyone send good juju to the package, because Nic needs to hear us, and play us, and like us, and stuff us with licorice. Seriously, it's a huge life goal of ours for him to play our music (along with every other struggling musician in this and many other towns). It's right up there with having Neil Gaiman like our stuff...oh WAIT, that goal already was accomplished! Heh heh heh.

Last night we watched Rob Zombie's House of 1,000 Corpses, which is just something you have to see if you scared by clowns, dolls, funhouses, mad scientists, blonde women, and reversed negatives. Unfortunately, I was up most of the night with hallucinations of clowns, dolls, funhouses, mad scientists, blonde women, and reversed negatives. Mostly clowns, though. At one point, a clown head came out of a box next to my bed. Maybe I need to cut back on the scary movies a bit...

We started work this weekend on Ye Annual Endless Holiday Single. Oh DON'T you want to know what it is? Aren't you just slobbering to find out? I know you are. And that's tough for you. I feel for you, really I do.


don't worry about the scary movies. Just, uh, move the jack in the box.
Maiello | 10.20.03 - 2:28 pm | #

i would if i could, but it was a hallucination!
a | 10.20.03 - 3:02 pm | #

Darn hallucinatory jack in the boxes. They should come with a warning label before you buy them.
Maiello | 10.21.03 - 7:55 am | #

They do, but you only think you saw it, so you're like "whatever, this is going to rock my nightstand!".
tifanie | 10.21.03 - 9:06 am |

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