There is a woman named Gabriella Graham who is running a website for people with my mom's cancer. She created the site about five years ago, when she was diagnosed and completely unable to find any organized information on the web about her disease. She did it out of a genuine desire to help those in need, and this weekend my mom, sister, and I went to San Juan Bautista, CA to the annual luncheon that she organizes. It's a chance for the few people that have this cancer to meet. I can't tell you how helpful this luncheon was for us. The news came yesterday that my mom's big surgery in Omaha is going to be moved up to next month. At the luncheon we were able to talk to those who have gone through it, and really get an idea of what is involved and what we should expect. It was good to just see people Alive, and Living, and yes, they were pretty thin, but they were Surviving. Ms. Graham does all of this work herself, and she has no caregiver of her own to help her. I can't even imagine. One woman was diagnosed just last year and only a few months ago her 27 year old son committed suicide. How do humans trudge through this kind of anguish?

This weekend was also the first time that the three Rowe women were together in one place, on a trip, on our own. We had a great time. We explored the town of Monterey, and became dangerously attached to the sea otters in the aquarium there. We ate a lot of food. No, I mean REALLY, we ate a LOT of food. And if you have seen my mom in the last year, you would know that is unusual, because she's been unable to eat. We drove around a lot, and poked around the beautiful city of Carmel. I took a lot of pictures of jellyfish. I'll post them later.

My mom went back and straight into chemo yesterday. She took a stuffed otter with her. We're hoping it's the last round for a while, if next month is the surgery. I'm trying to figure out how to make this happen, how to leave my life for another month. I suppose it will still be waiting for me when I get back. Everywhere feels like limbo nowadays.


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