OK, slight little freakout: I'm working here at Atlantic Records and just a minute ago I hear "MARY, CAN YOU HEAR ME? MARY, LIKE JIMMY SAID..." blasting through the office next door. So of course I just run over, and freak out on the poor dude working in there. It's the newly-recorded version of Mary that will go on Tori Amos' new collection that Atlantic is putting out. The publicity guy LOVES Tori and is so sad that this is the last album he'll be working on for her. I was so glad to hear that. He said that she was always really nice and even bought his son an Eeyore doll when he saw her show in Seattle. He also said that many people here at Atlantic love her and miss her, which is extremely cool. He said she's still working on the album and it will be down to the wire, but Mary is supposed to premiere this weekend on AOL somewhere. Wheeee....


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