Ok, at last, on the Fun page, are pics from my trip. Look! Love! Enjoy! A warning: the page is image heavy, so go have a cup of tea or something.

We spend Saturday in the artistic clutches of photographer Mimi Ko, who took us on a magical photo shoot to Malibu and then here in the apartment. I saw some of the test shots and YOWZA, they are amazing. The woman just rules. I hope to have shots to show soon.


Love, love, love the pictures! Are you sure it wasn't just one, really quick Chippy at your campsite?

I need to get out of the city a bit soon.
Maure | Homepage | 10.06.03 - 10:36 am | #

I am in love with your camera, and must have one exactly like it.

Don't you loveitloveitloveit?!!!
Pamela | 10.06.03 - 4:01 pm | #

It RULES, and it even takes those wicked panoramic shots. I highly recommend it, it's the Canon PowerShot A70. Very affordable for what it can do.
A | 10.06.03 - 4:15 pm |

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