Oh, California, you silly strumpet. You'll fall for anything. *sigh*

Yeah, ok, I admit it, I just spent three hours fighting, and I mean FIGHTING for Lord of the Rings Trilogy Tuesday tickets. The important thing is, after much tribulation, and sadness, and trickery, the tickets are MINE. MWAH! 14 or more hours of soul-crushing, mind-destroying elven madness until our eyes bleed. WOO HOO!!!

Going to spend the weekend with my mom and sister in Monterey, where we will attend a luncheon of people with my mom's cancer. The news isn't great lately, it looks like mom needs three more rounds of chemo and then the Big Surgery in Omaha in January. I'll post more when I know more. I think life is about to change more than I can comprehend it.


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