I had an absolute, mind-melting breakdown last night over the idea of this new theory that is being put forth. You know, the kind where you think so hard that you think yourself out of existence? Just read that and really think about it for a minute. Even now, I'm still a little messy-headed. I mean, what's beyond the soccer ball? If it's Nothing, what IS Nothing? Where did the Something come from? How the heck...I am the tiniest, most insignificant blip, and all I can leave here is love. Why bother paying bills? Brushing my hair? It is so not important? I no longer feel guilty about spending 14 hours of my life at Trilogy Tuesday. Whatever this existence is, it's meant to be enjoyed in dionysian splendour.

Which brings me to this article, which, I'm sorry, but I'm so livid I could spit. How DARE they do this to a world population where AIDS is spreading at a terrifying rate? I ... I don't even know what to say but I feel like everything that I was told was Good and Right in the world is crumbling apart. I honestly ... I don't even know what to say.

There's no segue for that, so I will jolt you into: Scary Movie month continues at my house. I'm catching up on some old classics I've never seen (Friday the 13th 1, 2, 3, and 4...YES, we might even go all the way, although it's entirely unnecessary). Last night we finished Horror of Dracula with Christopher Lee. Oh MAN, what a boring piece of crap. Someone, SCARE me! I should note that I am much more frightened by the Possibility of things than actually seeing them. David Lynch scares the the bujeezus out of me. Dream states, hauntings, things being just a bit off...

"The universe is finite, but there's no boundary to it."


Yeah, I'm always baffled by the finite with no boundaries interpretation because it does imply that there's something outside of, well, everything.

It might be that the Universe doesn't contain all of reality and is thus smaller, in a sense, than we think.

Or maybe the universe does contain all of reality and is thus surrounded by something inherently unreal.

I think that's a possibility... I've always kind of thought that anything real has top be made from something unreal. Couches aren't made of tiny couches, right? So reality isn't made of tiny realities -- at some point, it has to be made of something fundamentally unreal. Call it the dreams that stuff are made of.

Now, if anything inside the universe is part of reality and thus real, that means all of those unreal fundamentals have to exist... outside the universe. So maybe we're floating in a soup of it.

Damn it, just thought myself out of existence again.
Mike M. | 10.11.03 - 12:32 pm | #

Whoa whoa whoa....now, let's just calm down and take a deep breath. Sure, there are some big things and trivial things. I mean, screw bill-paying. But Adriana....let's be reasonable.

Brushing ones hair is of great import and not a thing to be trifled with.

I expected more of you.

Haircare - it's not just a good idea. It's the law. (Or at least I heard it was in California.)
William F. House | Homepage | 10.14.03 - 9:51 am |

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