This morning, in despair of working again at my temp agency, I sucked it up and got in line at Central Casting to join up. Central Casting is the main place where you get extra work (or "background acting," if you are sensitive) in this town. In my head I was thinking, "well, here's something that might be relatively painless."

Oh, how wrong I was.

There are two days of each week that are set aside for Union registration. That's about eight days per month in which SAG members can go and sign up. That should be plenty of time for everyone who might want to get their name in the database. I was expecting to see, oh, twenty, maybe thirty people there. I wasn't expecting a throng of about 150 in one small room, all gussied up and giving each other the evil eye to vie for EXTRA WORK. If this was just one day's registration, how many thousands of people are duking it out for freakin extra work each day? It seems ridiculous, doesn't it? So, I finish registering and I call the hotline to see what work is available, and listing after listing are for "skinny under 18 girls," one of them for a teen sex orgy scene. I'm ON it!

If there's one thing I thought would be relatively painless work to get, it's extra work. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is easy in this business.


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