Not Working...It Works!

So, this is the first time since I became a more temporary temp that I haven't had a job. They've had something lined up for me for every day since I started with them, and now all of a sudden, for the last three days, I've been at home. I can tell you, it's a strange feeling. There is the small underlying panic that I'll never work again and I'm going to send us to the poorhouse, destitute and alone. The overriding feeling, though, is freedom. I've gotten so much work done on my/our careers that I'm just loving every second. I've finally been able to mail out a ton of promotional materials, review packets, etc for our band. I also started us an official publishing company for our music. I got to spend time with my brother and his family who are in town. I have time to think and write, and I can actually feel the silence pulling my creativity out.


I could really get used to this. It's a dangerous luxury, because there's something in it that makes sense. Investing time in creativity in order to create seems to be the only way to get the Life Goals accomplished. And, too, the business of the Business of being an artist, be it actor, writer, musician, painter, is just as time-consuming as a 9 to 5 job. So why no paycheck? I am very ready to be paid for all the trench digging in the last seven years.

I have to go. I have poetry to write.


..."silence pulling my creativity out."
I....I like that. I'm going to think about that.
Thank You....
Shawnja | 09.10.03 - 11:02 pm

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