New pics on the Fun page. Have at it.


You're right. I can't. That is the hottest husband ever.
Dr. Oze | 09.09.03 - 12:48 pm | #

Awesome pics.

Incidentally, your comments script is the FASTEST of any weblog. Anywhere. Ever. I'm serious - sometimes my comment is posted milliseconds before I even hit submit. It's crazy. There is no "oh my god, hit cancel because that was a lame-o comment" grace period with you. One must fully commit to the comment here.

The preceding brought to you by Apropos of Nothing Inc.. Making a better tomorrow for all of us.

I'm committed now.
William F. House | Homepage | 09.09.03 - 6:09 pm | #

HAHAHA see, this is why i WAIT for your comments, william.

the reason it's so fast is i bought the extra Comment Hamster, who is running hard on a little wheel somewhere.
A | 09.09.03 - 6:23 pm | #

Well... I missed your birthday. I just found out this web page existed from my sista so I will comment on one thing. I am wishing you a birthday, hopefully a happy one. Okay that was more of a gift than a comment. Tell yo man I said what up?
Nhoj Narud | 09.10.03 - 3:00 pm | #

oh awesome, welcome to the madhouse, cuz. i'm always thinking about you, and cursing you for missing my bday. just kidding.
A | 09.10.03 - 4:08 pm | #

The Comment Hamster. Of course.
William F. House | Homepage | 09.12.03 - 6:50 pm

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