Am back from absolutely soul-shatteringly amazing week in Yosemite National Park with my hubby, as we celebrated our 5th anniversary. Am exhausted and have a raging cold, so all transmissions will have to wait until I get back out of bed. Much love for everyone.


Congrats on the 5 years! It seems like you have been together longer than that to me. So much has happened...anyway, I've missed your blogs. Feel better.
tifanie | 10.01.03 - 9:14 am | #

Thanks, sweets. Technically, we've been together for 6.5 years the second round, or even more technically, we've been in love for 13 years. Or maybe even more technically, forever.
A | 10.01.03 - 10:05 am | #

mmmm. that's a pretty thing.
tifanie | 10.01.03 - 10:48 pm

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