Well, I don't know why I'm surprised, but The Producers was utter dogshit. It wasn't the performers' fault, it just...sucked. With the exception, of course, of the Springtime for Hitler portion, which is what everyone is waiting around for anyways. I just can't believe that this is the show that people have been raving about for the last two years. Mel Brooks is just, god love him, he's just so deeply unfunny (with a few exceptions). It's just the most obvious, lowest common denominator, basest humor you could imagine. The whole house was laughing though, which just goes to show that that shit still flies. I could go on, but it's really not worth it, and since it was free, I don't feel any Righteous Anger about it.

Strangely, our usher was this guy, an actor we love whom you might remember as the "What's a Nubian?" guy in Chasing Amy. We knew him from the Hal Hartley films and the like, and you just don't expect someone like that to be your usher at the Pantages theatre. But I had to say something, and I hope he wasn't embarassed, because we all know how freakin difficult this acting life is. I have a friend who is a Broadway actor and still has to live on peanut butter sandwiches, top ramen, and unemployment checks. It's just nuts.

David and I had to go home and cleanse ourselves with some Mr. Show. Unclean! Unlcean!


Holy crap. Hooper La Mont was your USHER? Your USHER?

Wow. That's the way it works, you know? It's amazing how people think once actors "make it" they never have to "work" again.

So untrue. Once you've been on Broadway, you still have to look for work - you won't be there forever. Once you've been in one movie, you still have to eat three months later. Unless you're winning the karmic/genetic lottery and having the fame game played with your name - it's a constant climb up a mountain someone keeps shoveling dirt on top of.

They Might Be Giants is a good showbiz example. I don't know that it's any different now than it used to be, but itused to be thus: they're famous. They're a popular, known band. They tour not because they want to, but to PAY THEIR BILLS. Not to support their vanity or to maintain an image. They're pretty f'in tired of Particle Man by now, it seems.

long comment, sorry. I agree about the Producers BTW. Not terrible, nothing to shout about, but just...dumb.
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