I just sat next to this guy at lunch. Vive la France!

Ok, I just got chided for not updating, from one of my favorite peoples. I was waiting to get some feedback/response for our album release, but the fishies ain't bitin'. Maybe y'all don't realize how important it is. Maybe you do. Maybe I am your personal entertainment clown, watch me wiggle.

Ok ok, I'll wiggle. *wigglewigglewiggle*

I'm working in Warner Bros music clearance department. Do you even KNOW how much money the Happy Birthday heirs get? Can you even comprehend? I bet you can't.


you sat next to the amelie boy!! jealous.
ashley | Homepage | 08.19.03 - 6:51 am | #

My CD is in the mail. Soon it'll arrive and be listened to and, I'm sure, loved.
Maiello | 08.19.03 - 9:36 am | #

No, I don't know... I really don't...
D | 08.19.03 - 10:28 am | #

more than YOU can imagine.

(i don't know, i can imagine quite a bit...)

my yellow, you are sweetstuff.
Anonymous | 08.19.03 - 11:45 am | #

But I was going to Toshi station to pick up some POWER CONVERTERS!
Maiello | 08.19.03 - 1:12 pm | #

you can waste time with your friends when your chores are done.
Anonymous | 08.19.03 - 2:30 pm | #

Biggs was right. I'm never getting out of here.
D | 08.20.03 - 7:03 am | #

alter time...speed up harvest...teleport off rock...AHHHHH
Anonymous | 08.20.03 - 12:07 pm

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