Great. I just erased my whole post. MACS! ARRRGH! I'll try to reconstruct...

I'm working right now at HBO in the mini-WTC ("Oh, we're moving next year. The company doesn't want to be in a high-rise anymore.") as the general receptionist, which means I get to field phone calls like:

"Hello, I'm calling cause I have an idea? An idea for a script? Who do I talk to there about having an idea for a script?"

"HELLO! I'm calling to present a RISING STAR! Her name is Susanna Hufflepuff! Can you connect me with CASTING? So I can present this RISING STAR?"

"Hello I'm calling about getting the HBO with the movies and the shows? Can I get the HBO?"

"Hi...uh...I have this...friend...who wrote a script. And so I was just wondering if you could connect me to whoever it is that makes the movies?"

"Hi! Um! I just! Sex and the City? And! Um! Carrie was wearing this awesome necklace? So I was just wondering where she got it?"

HEHEHHEHE I just want to smack them all, and I also feel so bad for them. I mean...don't they KNOW?

Tonight I get to see The Producers (the musical) for freee! My sistah pulled some strings somewheres so we're all going. Free is good. Free means I won't be mad if it sucks. Whee.


If I call, could you connect me to Matt Damon? Because I know he's connected to Project Greenlight and that's on HBO.
Maure | Homepage | 08.29.03 - 1:42 am | #

I could connect you to the Project Greenlight office, but as you might guess, Damon and Affleck don't have anything to do with it.
A | 08.29.03 - 9:54 am | #

I... uh... have a script idea... and I, uh... know a RISING STAR or two. Could you please connect me with the office of people who give me money for doing stuff?
Maiello | 08.29.03 - 10:22 am | #

Urrmmm....helloyes? Hi. Can you please connect me to your famous department? My friend and I want to be famous and stuff and my agent told me to call and ask and stuff. You can see me wrist appears in Spider-man. It was an accident but its there still. Hello?
Shawnja | 08.30.03 - 1:37 am | #

I'm, um, also representing the guy who's wrist appeared in Spider-Man. You might recall that Spider-Man actually shoots webs about of his wrists making the wrists and important role in the film. I'd say it's the titular role if I knew what that meant. Now, um, can I speak to the Big Break Department? I went to High School with the executive vice secretary of that department. Please put me through. Please?
Mike Maiello | 08.31.03 - 3:47 pm | #

So....was that YOU I saw in my logs from
William F. House | Homepage | 09.03.03 - 5:41 pm | #

and you thought you were being visited by someone important.
A | 09.09.03 - 6:26 pm |

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