Ethnicity, or Lack Thereof...

A few weeks ago I did a big mailing to find a manager. So far, all I've gotten are two calls from wackos. That is, until today. I got a call from someone at Robert Marcucci's office, who apparently was The Idolmaker. I don't know, I haven't seen it, but I'm happy to possibly have been contacted by someone legit. So I call back, and this is the whole conversation, minus hellos:

"Adriana, do you speak Spanish?" (perky)
"Erm, a little bit, I guess."
"Aren't you Spanish?" (decidedly less perky)
"No...I'm Italian."
"Oh. Thanks." (absolutely devoid of tone)

*SIGH* It's strange, because just last night I was at a casting director workshop and they were all saying how people absolutely will get so much more work in commercials if they know Spanish, because many commercials are now being shot in both languages and they want to use the same actor. Is it time for a brush-up? *groan*

Has anyone else noticed Mercury in retrograde? I had an ENTIRE NECTARINE disappear on me today. POOF! I mean, it's a complete freakin mystery! I think there are ghoulies in the apartment.


Next time someone asks you if you're some ethnic group, say yes! It doesn't really matter, does it? I mean, it's LaLa Land, for goodness' sakes. Everything there is a lie anyway! Just like Vegas!

What a weird phone moment.
Maure | Homepage | 08.27.03 - 2:57 pm | #

you are right, and i was just caught unawares, and used to telling the truth. plus, i mean really, if you can't be truthful with your manager, then you're really starting in a bad way.

but, you're right.
A | 08.27.03 - 5:52 pm |

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