David wrote a song this weekend that, I feel, marks the first step in a really great direction for us as a band. He's started mastering a program called Logic and he's just taking off. I'm so impressed by him, as a collaborator, and I often feel like I'm not on a par with him. I can't wait to write lyrics to this thing. I think in the next several months we are going to have major growth spurts.

Everything about what we are, about what we've been up to this point, has been about survival and keeping our heads above water. It's been about fighting to make the computer work, to make this or that piece of equipment do way more than it's capable of, issues with collaborators, about begging people to come to shows, struggling for energy at the end of stupid work weeks to create. The age-old artist crap.

I feel something changing. The bend in the road. This has to be going somewhere. I try to imagine my life doing anything else and ... I can't. There's nothing to imagine. So this must be it.


there you go.
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