by the woods
by the woods
by the woods
by the woods...

What a perfect weekend. The Tori concert was spectacular: by far one of the best ever. It was that Greek theatre. I have to go there more often. It's so beautiful. There are these giant trees framing the audience, staring down into the space like tall ancient guardians. Ben Folds is a piano god and I am an instant fan. He had the crowd in the palm of his hands. Everyone was so happy...there were children and even a good ratio of women to men, which is unusual. Herself was Miss Chatty, and there were stories of donkeys, bus crashes, and coffee, and don't you love to turn this little blue girl upside down. It was just good.

So then Saturday we headed up for Sage Ranch Park which is North-ish in the Simi Valley area (don't ask me more than that, cause I don't know). Something about that's where Little House on the Prairie was filmed. Lughnasadh included games to determine the crowning of a Champion who would usher in the harvest. Very cool. I came in last place. These men were strong. I tried to hurl a rock. What was I thinking?

Spirit, and trees, and new tent. Coyotes howling and a rooster who could not stop his shouting. Sunset, fire, frisbee, smores. Forgot to bring pillows. Shadows outside the tent, late night, crunching feet. The tickle of fear and then resolving to late fate decide how the hatchet swings. Sleep, then rooster again. Someone makes eggs benedict, a decidedly un-campingish breakfast. Have to be extroverted for many new people but it's ok, the words come. Dirty, tired, heat fried, refreshed, we come home and flop like exhausted retrievers on the bed.

Want to monk myself up for a week but I know there are many friends who are waiting for a phone call. Mr. Shawn, there's still a bag of goodies with your name on it from a certain convention...

Oh, also, a few new pics on the photos page from old shows. Quite a mind numbing blast from the past for a few of you who've known me that long.


Bag...goodies?? Thanks for supporting my littleboyishness. I'm not waiting really, just giving you time to do your Thing.
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