We had adventures this weekend.

On Friday, David met one of our favorite artists, Poe, in our local bookstore. If anyone has been wondering what's going on with her, she has had legal battles since Warner dropped her. She just won the ability to distribute her own music, so apparently she will be releasing a new album soon, independently. Her website will be updated and back up soon. Whee! That's Gaiman and Poe in one week. Pretty sweet. He told her about our band and she was genuinely interested in hearing more. I truly believe these things happen for a reason.

We saw the film 28 Days Later this weekend, and it was really terribly fun. I'm so impressed at what was accomplished for such a low amount of money and resources. The human imagination never ceases to amaze me.

On Saturday we went on a camping gear purchasing spree, and I mean SPREE. We now have: tent, sleeping bags, stove, lantern, cooler, knifey thing, waterproof matches (???!?), canvasy folding chair thingies, and my favorite, a HATCHET. This coming weekend: we test it. In September, we will go on our 5th anniversary to the woods.

After the purchasing melee, we decided to go have a look at the Alanis concert down in Costa Mesa, some place down South. That's when we discovered: the damn thing was taking place at the Orange County Fair. Oh LORDY was that fun. Pies! Jellies! Bad Art! Cavalcade of Products! Sticky Midway! Cows! Cows! Cows! I bet you didn't even know that Orange County had cows. But oh, it does, my friend. For those of you New Mexcillents, it was like the State Fair except you didn't feel like you would be knifed at any moment. They actually had a building that was dedicated to punk rock that originated from Orange County. Pretty sweet. A little tip from me to you: don't ever see a show at the Pacific Amphitheatre if you want to actually hear the band. Oy.

Yesterday was spent scrubbing the hell out of our heavenly home.

Mom is doing ok. She's in varying levels of pain or nausea but overall is trying to rest and make it through. I'm arranging to be there for the last session. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: this is all so surreal.


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