The SAG/AFTRA merger didn't pass, once again proving that actors are...well, not always far-sighted in their thinking. *sigh*

Am spending every possible free minute working on the new EP, which has a target completion date of July 12th. As my friend Shawn put it last night, I'm giving birth, so don't call for a few weeks. At this point in the process I have no clue how it's turning out. There have been a lot of distractions and obstacles to this album getting done which have really worn us down. David and I are very much of the opinion that we just need to finish it so we can get rid of these songs and move on. We have no feeling of good or bad about any of it. We just want it out, because we're tired of sitting around, waiting. I'm not even sure if Art has entered the picture at all. That remains to be seen.

An update about my mom: she went to Omaha to meet with the big fancy pants doctor at Creighton and he was of the opinion that chemo should start in Albuquerque first. He is a very thorough doctor and wants her to have systemic as well as localized chemo. The localized chemo is administered through a port that is surgically installed to get under the mesentary and into the abdominal area, where this goop is floating around. It's bizarre. Then, later, when we see how her tumor markers are doing, she'll go back to Omaha for the Big Surgery. That's all we know at the moment. He said prognosis is 65% live five years, but that she's on the older end of the spectrum of people who get this cancer. I suppose the hard part, the treatment, is just about to begin. All gods of strength and courage are welcome to take up residence at 909 Matador drive.


I was sitting today at the hospital reading a movie industry trade rag that was laying there for some reason. I looked through the help wanted ads for kicks and the slant was so severe that I marveled at how the words even stayed on the page. Someone who knows that condition should write about it. It would be worth a lot.

I hope you find your music soon - some closure to the project.

I think of your Mom pretty frequently. I think of her only in terms of what I know of you. And in that I think that she must be an extraordinary person. I wish her strength and pray for good hope in this opportunity that she has. I pray and wish the same for you and the rest of your family.
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