Ok, so I'm back. Barely. Brain is moving like a swampy thing. Went to New Mexico to be with my mom last week. We did family things and doctory things. I guess blood tests are revealing high tumor markers, so today she goes back to the doctor to start chemo. I really wanted to be there when she started the chemo. Very frustrating. I'll know more soon. While this was happening, David (and I on the phone) finished the album. The album, our second EP, with seven songs, is finally freakin done. Soon, there will be links and information about how to get one. Right now they are being printed. Drool in anticipation.

We made a special one, though, for Neil Gaiman. See, we went to Comic-Con in San Diego, the mother of all nerdfests, this weekend. We had so much fun it was sick, and I'm not even a comic person. Neil was very kind, loved the packaging, gave his regards to David on his bday (Saturday he turned 30). I might be helping him with something soon...

You are going to want to see a movie next year called MirrorMask. It's written by Neil and directed by Dave McKean, maker of all things gorgeous in art. If you pine for days of Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal, your quest will end in this film. We also saw hobbitses and Matrixes and other fun things. I have to say, it is a major plus to have a badge that says "Warner Brothers" on it.

You remember the washout that was my 10 year reunion last year? Looks like it wasn't all in vain, as I just found out that two old friends found each other at that reunion and are now getting married. I love that. So it wasn't that much of a debacle after all. Hooray for love.

If I only could, I'd crawl under some rock and hide for another week, but I've got too much stuff to do: time to build and promote our CD.


Totally. Cannot. Wait. For the CD!
William F. House | Homepage | 07.23.03 - 9:27 pm | #

I. Echo. That. Comment. Verily!
Shawnja | 07.24.03 - 1:13 am | #

SO. DO. I. (pause) SHIT.
ashley | 07.25.03 - 12:16 am

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