It. Will. Be. Available. Soon.

Probably by the end of next week, actually. The delay is waiting for CDBaby to get the CDs and create a page for the album and begin selling. At that time, we will launch our site redesign and all will be well. Neil Gaiman was just lucky, thassall.

My mom started chemo yesterday. It seems her tumor markers are way up, which means the cancer is progressing quicker than originally expected. So she started both an oral chemo in a pill which she'll take every day, and an IV administered kind which she sat for yesterday. I talked to her after and she sounded all spacey, said her hands were tingling unbearably and when she tried eating or swallowing things she felt like she was choking. Apparently these symptoms will ease in a bit, until her next treatment in three weeks. I'm hoping to be there for the next round, to help. It's all so bizarre: we poison ourselves to kill what's killing us. Doesn't seem right, somehow.

I'm sharing this because people have asked, and want to know, and maybe because then I won't have to explain it over and over. If anyone is horrified and sick of the cancer talk, just let me know.

Saw a movie last night called Northfork, which you really must see if you love your eyes and ears.


I had a dream last night, I want to share: You were going to sing new songs, in a bar made of wood and candlelight. I was watching you, from behind the bar, of fucking course, I was pouring drinks. Anyhow, there was you, in a light blue dress, and David was there, quiet and strong, with a guitar that looked like it came out of a happy accident involving Lord of the Rings and Blade Runner. And Gabe was there, his hair was long again and filled with beads and symbols. The sound you created was amazing, and soft, and there were gentle smiles all around you. Like a church. I remember growing nervous because I was going to perform a scene of some sort after your set, with a woman I had yet to meet, two torches, and a wooden chair that we had to interrogate. Lastly, there were many cords and wires coming from your stage and I remember following the electric trail with my eyes. Neil was behind the wooden switchboard, his head was huge and his hair was black as night and he was whispering to himself....
When I woke up I had a strong urge for Carne Adovada. Yes, pork and red chili. I'm not making this up.
I ate an apple instead.

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