Those of you who are actors already know that Headshot Time can be a very stressful time in one's existence. You go for months, maybe years, hating your current shot and thinking, "as soon as I lose that 50 lbs and my skin clears up and my soul starts piercing lasers through my irises, THEN I'll get new shots." You're always waiting for a new blossom to form on yourself before it feels like the right time. There is the money issue, too. The acting Industry is a beast that does not like dining on swill. It demands caviar and champagne. Thusly, every single thing you do costs crazy cash, from getting the photographer to the hair and makeup artist to developing the proofs to touch-ups to reproductions. This makes one's decisions to make simple changes to your look a Monumental Task. Oh, you want to get a haircut? THAT'LL BE $700 PLEASE, to update your shots. You lost/gained weight? ANOTHER $800, thank you. And the thing is, you can't pick a crappy photographer, because that's what you'll get: crap. And yes, quality does make a huge difference.

This stupid picture, this ONE picture of your face, is often the only representation of you that is absorbed by casting people. They don't take time to look at your credits, or check out your work, or any crap like that. It's "isthisacutefaceNOisthisacutefaceNOisthisacutefaceNOisthisacutefaceNOisthisacutefaceYESisthisacutefaceNO." There is no dignity to this profession.

My last shots, which you can see on my Photos page, portray a Me that doesn't really exist. People have been getting the impression from these pictures that I am the mid-30's vampy bitch type, which is just wholly wrong. I know because many of the auditions I've been called out to from these shots have been for roles like "Roxanna, seductress." HA! If there has one thing I have learned from living in this town, I am NOT that type at all. Those of you who know me, know what I mean.

So I have done much thinking, much saving, much soul searching, and I need new shots. Badly. 35ish pounds lighter is enough of a difference that I need new shots. I am a big procrastinator. The industry norm for shots is 6 months. I usually wait several years, which is bad. Something happens to you, in a year's time. Something in your eyes changes. Everything you experienced reflects out. The girl who took those last shots had only just gotten to LA. The towers were still standing. Her grandmother was still alive, and her mother's cancer probably didn't exist.

I've chosen this man to do the shoot. He works in digital, which I prefer. Color seems to be the new, hip thing that the kids are doing these days. The shoot will be Tuesday. We'll see if he can catch what I'm all about. I suppose I need to know that myself, don't I? No problem, I can achieve self-enlightenment by Tuesday.


adriana, you are my hero. I love you.
ashleigh | 06.14.03 - 2:30 am | #

I desperately need to get new shots myself. Being that I don't do the whole filmy thing, of course I won't do color. I'm just loathe to spend the money (AGAIN)... I have a good "second set"... i.e. with beard and longish hair set... AUGGGHH headshots...

Any thoughts on photogs in NYC that aren't outlandishly expensive? A couple friends of mine have gotten great shots recently for around $250-350, that's what I think I'll spend. with a digital photog it looks like I can get a couple of looks for that.

Turkey Lurkey D | 06.14.03 - 7:12 am

By Blogger adriana, at Tuesday, October 02, 2007 5:21:00 PM  

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