rozewalker: so, like, what happened in the dream?
rozewalker: was there a plot?
ByTheTumtumTree: there was kind of
ByTheTumtumTree: i had moved back to new york
ByTheTumtumTree: but i ... swam there
ByTheTumtumTree: and found an apartment by the harbor
ByTheTumtumTree: it was in a pink building
ByTheTumtumTree: and i went for a walk in a partk
ByTheTumtumTree: park
ByTheTumtumTree: a small park
ByTheTumtumTree: and there was this pre-celebratory setup going on
ByTheTumtumTree: with wild turkeys
ByTheTumtumTree: there were three that were smaller and brown and had the lace collars
ByTheTumtumTree: and one gigantic one that was multi-colored with some sort of hat
ByTheTumtumTree: and they went NUTS when they saw me
ByTheTumtumTree: and started flying at my face!
ByTheTumtumTree: and i was running and screaming and they wouldn't stop!
ByTheTumtumTree: and the gobbling. oh my god the gobbling.


This was very funny. It was even funnier to me because my internal reading voice today is Marlon Brando.
William F. House | Homepage | 06.04.03 - 1:08 pm | #

i can't stop laughing.
Adriana | 06.04.03 - 2:28 pm | #

yeah, it's all very funny NOW. but I tell you, when it was all beaks and feathers, I was terrified! those turkeys... they can be vicious...
tumtum tree | Homepage | 06.04.03 - 9:14 pm | #

We will come for you in the night,and there will be no end to the gobbling. Too long have your kind feasted on the flesh of our forefathers; too long have you put those little white things on the ends our our succulent legs while baking to a... golden brown... with stuffin..g....

Lost my train of thought.

Are you white or dark meat?
Turkey Lurkey D | 06.04.03 - 9:27 pm | #

sweet, sweet turkeys.
Shawnja | 06.05.03 - 2:09 am | #

and i don't even eat them... i'm vegetarian! tragic irony...
tumtum tree | Homepage | 06.05.03 - 3:38 pm

By Blogger adriana, at Tuesday, October 02, 2007 5:23:00 PM  

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