Audiences are such an interesting thing. On Saturday night, we were quite full, and it seemed that we could do no wrong. Every slight cock of the head elicited laughter. Things that never seemed funny before were suddenly packed with innuendo. This is a very good thing. Sunday night: practically the same amount of people, but laughter couldn't be wrung from them at any cost. No silly jigs, nor stupid faces, nor bad puns would bring a smile. This Sunday problem is one that has plagued actors for centuries. What is it with Sundays? Everyone is tired from too much fun on their weekend, and they can't possibly move their mouth muscles into smiling position one more time? I need ANSWERS!


Yeah, Sundays. Matinee? That's even worse. Maybe people aren't able to give in totally, what with their minds being focused on the week ahead and all... Might also be an older, more reserved crowd. Or it could be random. Comedy's hard because it's all about a collective reaction. People need the safety of a group before they laugh out loud, I think that's because some of them snort.
Maiello | 06.10.03 - 10:29 am | #

i have found that to be especially true in LA, where people give you dirty looks if you laugh loudly during a play or movie. i don't understand this at all. it genuinely pisses people off if you are too happy here.
adriana | 06.10.03 - 11:06 am | #

the turkeys, adriana.

its....the.. the turkeys.
Shawnja | 06.10.03 - 2:48 pm

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