Well, DUH.

HAHAHAHAH, I just got the review of our play from Backstage. I'll spare you the whole article, but check it out: "Among the few exceptional performances as Ivan's three sisters are three wonderfully fine vocalists: Michelle Tenazas, Nicole Wessel, and Adriana Roze, whose brief folksongs are the highlights of the piece." Yay for me! Not so yay for the rest of the show! At least my first Backstage review is positive. Very exciting.

Ok, now that this blog has become Cancer Central, I'll tell you something my mom found out today. She's 26 pounds lighter after that surgery. That goopy, gloppy tumor weighed that much. That is nasty. Further, for an Extremely Rare Disease, the doctor told her that in the last month he has found the same cancer in THREE women. That's a lot. What's going on out there in the Albuquerque?

Speaking of What's Going On Out There in Albuquerque, David and I were informed yesterday that we will be Aunt and Uncle again to baby number three from my brother n' sister-in-law, probably around Christmas. The great wheel of change spins round and round. Just like my play says: the death turns to life/ and the life turns to death/ and the wheel turns again/ without a sound.

Life has been as obvious lately as a big celtic cross tarot spread.


ash | 05.23.03 - 7:49 am | #

you ain't just whistlin' dixie
Anonymous | 05.23.03 - 11:09 am | #

Pardon my Portuguese, but RIGHT FUCKING ON! about the review!

Still thinking good thoughts and sending prayers for you Mom. Tell her that people in Boulder are thinking of her.
William F. House | Homepage | 05.28.03 - 8:50 pm

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