A List Of Things That Happened Yesterday:

1. David's grandmother died. It was unexpected, and hearts are very raw. We've been so busy, David hasn't had a moment to grieve. She went pretty peacefully, it seems. She was a spiritual teacher and leader for many people and she will be missed greatly.

2. No sleep (see above).

3. Guests in home from NYC and Las Vegas for big gig. All are boys. Very boy-ish boys. Sweet boys.

4. Loaded in at The Mint, where we had our gig, and realized that we weren't playing in Kansas anymore. What a great space. Amazing people like Jeff Buckley have played there. Had an actual sound check and realized that it's the first time that the sound man was actually able to make us sound like we're supposed to sound, not some tinny, 16th generation version of ourselves.

5. Skidded over to the theatre to do my play. TWO understudies to the leads who had to learn roles in a matter of days due to deaths in families. Instead of total chaos, things went surprisingly well. I expected at least one disaster, but the worst thing that happened was that I cracked up during the opening number for no good reason and could not stop laughing. It reminded me of the movie A Christmas Story, where Ralphie says that he heard that under moments of extreme duress, people are known to speak in strange tongues, etc. Extreme duress, yes.

6. Zipped back to The Mint, where David and I proceeded to tear shit up. I think it went well. People seemed happy, and tear-y, and huggy, so I think that's good. New songs were debuted, and many new friends from the play came to watch, which was really kind of them.

7. No sleep again. There's something weird that happens to me after I have been that social, that OPEN with people. I shake. I shake all night, and if I've eaten anything questionable, it leaves me. It's got to stop. I'm able to quell it better than I ever have, and I've learned not to panic, but still I hate it.

So now I'm here working at the wickedest place I've been to yet: Warner Music. Man oh man, you can tell that this is where the Big Bucks are. This place is so freakin posh it's ridiculous. I've been wasting my time working at the movie studio. This is the place to be. Too bad it's only a one day gig. Going to try to surreptitiously plant our CD in strategic locations.

I need rest.


Re: #5

This made me flash back to the previous times you have not been able to stop laughing on stage. "Think of sad things... like dead puppies" really let loose a flood of giggles from you once...

"Where's Lazar Wolf?"
tumtum tree | Homepage | 05.31.03 - 11:51 pm | #

Very sorry to hear about your husband's grandmother.

Glad to hear that there is good mixed in with your bad.

Just remember, things could always be worse - you could be Martha Stewart.
William F. House | Homepage

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