Too busy to grieve. Probably a good thing. Mom's operation is next week. They'll take that baby-sized monster out of her belly, then see what they can do from there. Calling on Dream's belief in Hope. Working all day, rehearsal all night. One week till we open, on mom's surgery day. Info on the show here. Seems there is a cast curse with motherly illnesses and show openings. I don't want to continue that statistic. Being a temp again, a real temp who floats from office to office, is like being a ghost. Have met all sorts of new neuroses. Seems the mental illness changes based on the department: in marketing it's personality disorders (or lack thereof), depression, and workaholism; in TV Production it's meglomania and obsessive-compulsive disorder; in the creative department it's bipolar and paranoia. It's Beltaine now. Remember to breathe the flowers.


Take good care of yourself, okay?
William F. House | Homepage | 05.01.03 - 1:55 pm | #

Love you. Praying for you. Praying for Mom. Thinking good of you everyday.
Shawnja | 05.01.03 - 5:52 pm

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