Ok, kids. I need a job. Do you have any idea what I could do? Because I don't. So, if you happen to have a good idea, let me know. My Replacement came today and the 17th is my last day of gainful employment. Throw me a bone, here, people. Surely someone knows of a good survival job whilst braving the rapids of art.


children's book author!
ashleigh | 04.08.03 - 1:26 pm | #

We should talk about the exciting world of direct marketing.

In just three years, you could be making $1000000 or more with Amway!
D | Homepage | 04.09.03 - 6:27 am | #



Adriana | 04.09.03 - 9:47 am | #

If you're looking for a survival job, maybe you should try something other than a field of work in the arts, where people struggle to make it nearly as much as they do in the performing world.
Jer | Homepage | 04.09.03 - 9:58 am | #
HAHAHAHAHAH oh you freakin realist. shut up.
Adriana | 04.09.03 - 10:26 am | #

hi adrianna,
this is the apron girl
we actually have a office assistant open at the university where i'm at if your desperate
sabrina | 04.11.03 - 8:40 am

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