Many people going through transitions.

Time speeding up.

Thursday, my job ends.

Priorities changing.

Monday night, The Endless play at the Lava Lounge. Mellow and acoustical, for your listening pleasure.

Next month, big show at the Mint, May 29th. Many friends, much fun.

Also, soon, the play will open that I'm in, Maria Morevna. Come see swordfighting and raven princes and Baba Yaga.

Maybe...just maybe...making a living through art? People do it. It can't be impossible. I see the dorkuses walking around this town during the day...what are they living on? They're too pretty to be broke. Come on, Los Angeles, I'm determined to figure you out, or at least, get around your pitfalls. I've had plenty of training in rope-swinging.


Just gonna have to be a different man
Time may change me
But I can't trace time
Willilam F. House | Homepage | 04.14.03 - 7:39 pm

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