Be glad you weren't at last night's show (and yes, I know you weren't there). It was midnight before we got onstage, and the place was a Hawaiian bar filled with drunken Monday night hipsters with nothing better to do but suck face and scream things like "YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE HOW MUCH TACO MEAT I ATE TONIGHT." Our friend Barb was hounded by this same woman, who kept insisting that "you wouldn't believe how many people get married for medical reasons," upon hearing that David and I are married. !!!?!! Glad our music touched you, lady. I should add that the new song did indeed show up, but she was wearing a burqua, so not many people noticed her.

Yesterday was the proof that it takes a long long time for a career to take root in this town (for the non-nympho 17 year olds). A casting director for Buffy that I auditioned for over a year ago called me out of the blue to come in for an audition. I have been postcarding her relentlessly since we met so this just shows that the dogged persistence of which you hear tell does eventually pay off. Well, maybe not pay off, not yet, but...feh.

Am now at work trying to schedule meetings for this VP and feeling weird. What right have I to plan his day? Someone just called and asked if he could have lunch with him across town. I said sure, why not. Send the man away, says I.


never underestimate the profound effect taco meat has on the general public...
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