Am sitting here in Warner Home Video temping for two days as some beefy VP's secretary. There are racks and racks of brand new DVDs in my office, everything from The Sopranos to The Lost Boys. Am exercising all sorts of restraint. Can't help thinking about the movie Secretary, and keep looking for the red pen to make an appearance. Not that I'd...oh forget it.

Saturday was nutty goodness. Fun was had with Thingie (that's Neil Gaiman fanciers, for you who are scratching your heads) friends Pam, Kevin, and Mimi. A full day of Disneyland followed by Tori concert in Anaheim. Tori shared that she had been to Disneyland that day too with her daughter, and that Cinderella had given young Natashya the brush-off. Snow White had been kind, though. This doesn't surprise me. Cinderella has deadlines, you know. I was never into her.

Tonight, The Endless play at Lava Lounge, some place we've never been. They SAY we go on at 11PM, but we'll see. Tomorrow comes early for this little secretary. All weekend, I've been fighting to finish a new song, and it just doens't want to come. We'll see if she decides to show up tonight.


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