You can't even make this shit up: today in our break room, a woman here brought purple-dyed white chocolate-dipped strawberries, "to symbolize the Purple Heart for our injured soldiers."

a) WHAT?


b) What is this, the Superbowl or something? Why would I want to delight in a candy depicting other people's pain? Strange, how people are.


When you bite into the strawberry, it's still red, right?

And if it's ripe, it's all nice and juicy...

Red and dripping...

Purple hearts, pur-r-ple hearts. Only want to see you eating chocolate purple hearts.
Amazing Larry | Homepage | 03.17.03 - 8:58 pm | #

Oh, sweet sweet purple hearts. Here, I also brought along chilled Asparagus, its soft prickly tips are there to symbolize Our Reserve and Persistance. And, I basted them in Pepsi. So have at it.
Shawnja | 03.18.03 - 3:42 am

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