Last night I was awakened in the middle of the night by screaming. There was a television going loudly, somewhere in the apartment building, and a man's voice was echoing through the canyon between our buildings. He sounded like a bulldog barking, like a person in a state of deep mental strain. He screamed as if in religious litany, invoking war gods and thunderbolts and god knows what else. "If they started bombing ME, they'd already be dead! THEY'D ALREADY BE DEAD! THEY'D ALREADY BE DEAD! THEY'D ALREADY BE DEAD! MOTHERFUCKERS! THEY'D ALREADY BE DEAD! FUCK! THEY'D ALREADY BE DEAD! THEY'D ALREADY BE DEAD!" ...and so on, for several minutes. I'm not really sure what side he was on, or what he was preparing to do, but I felt sure that at that moment, he was capable of unthinkable violence. In the background was the faint voice of a woman crying.

This is what the war is doing, already.


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