Sorry. Sometimes I have to just be Away for a while. I have a lot to say but really none of it is all that important. The people at My Personal Fitness Trainer said that the show was a disaster and that they're "delaying payment" until they rework the show. This is the hazard of being non-union in this town. People take advantage of you, and there's not at thing in the world you can do about it. The worst thing is, they're not paying my agent either. I don't mind as much what you do to me, but, you know, friggin pay my agent. They're considering having us come back for more workouts or something. Seems like such blatent disrespect.

Anyway, rehearsal last night for the film shoot on Saturday was great. I'm working with this six year old kid who is just adorable. His name is Colton, and he has blonde hair with a big old bowl cut. I'm supposed to act aloof and freaky to him in real life so that they can get the proper reaction from him when we're on camera. It's hard to do, cause he's so dang cute! The director suggested we do it like they did in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, where the actors never saw the guy playing Leatherface except when he was in full costume and on camera. They were all terrified of him. Turns out he ended up being a nice guy.

This kid is going to think I'm Leatherface. Great.

So one of the weird things is that I have to smoke in this film, and y'all can probably guess I'm no smoker. It's going to be an exercise in weirdness. I'm hoping it doesn't totally destroy my voice, since we have a huge show next week in which I intend to sing my lungs out. You're coming to the show, right? All of you, out there? I know you are. Lots of new and reworked music. Some bursts of inspiration. Joy. Love. Be there.


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