Maybe you don't even realize how much he affected you, or the people you know. Maybe you didn't know when you were six years old that while you watched him speak about loving yourself and your neighbor unconditionally, that your mom was looking on, sobbing silently into her bathrobe. Maybe you didn't realize that what you were watching was subversive and beautiful; the gracious plantings of tiny seeds of Peace and Love in your soul through a crappy television set. Maybe you only realized, just today, when you woke up and found out that he was gone, that you had been taught by a saint, a master, an enlightened one. He showed you that no matter what, you are a beautiful and necessary part of creation.

Or maybe you knew all along.

It's such a good feeling to know you're alive.
It's such a happy feeling: You're growing inside.
And when you wake up ready to say,
"I think I'll make a snappy new day."
It's such a good feeling, a very good feeling.
The feeling you know that
I'll be back when the day is new
And I'll have more ideas for you.
And you'll have things you'll want to talk about.


That was beautiful, Adriana. Your words couldn't possibly ring any truer. I'm glad we seem to be on the same wavelength as well.

I've not lost anyone this close to me in a long time. His words could never be as important as they are right now.
William F. House | 02.27.03 - 1:06 pm | #

have i told you recently how much i love you?

i love you.
Shawnja | 02.27.03 - 8:03 pm | #

All I can say is I am determined to continue to follow trolley to the kingdom of make-believe.

Strange things pop into your head when terrible, heartbreaking things ike this happen. One of my first thoughts on hearing the news: Who will take care of his fish?
Anonymous | 03.01.03 - 10:05 pm

By Blogger adriana, at Tuesday, October 02, 2007 4:55:00 PM  

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