I really do think that Joy and Sorrow are conjoined twins who insist on going everywhere together. Saturday's show was great. It's all a blur in my head, but really nice lovely people came and they seemed to have a good night, so that's all that matters. We played some songs and maybe some people thought about Stuff. Next, we'll do a number in New York on March 8th at CB's Gallery, for all you New Yorkers buried in sweet snow right now.

Sunday morning came early after a night of what is becoming the Inevitable Sick, and rehearsal was a sleep-deprived blur. Then, the car wouldn't start. I got home to find that there had been a death, a difficult one, in David's family. I guess basically I've been on autopilot since. David will be off to Albuquerque for the services, and I will log in with Round Two of the Independant Film from Hell. Expect hilarity to ensue. I'm sure I'll have tales.


YES! NEW YORK! I can TOTALLY get to New York on March 8th!!! oh! excitement!
ashleigh | Homepage | 02.18.03 - 6:28 pm | #

Everyone reading this: Ashleigh's site is amazing, I highly recommend it. Just click on the "homepage" link she's got there.
a | Homepage | 02.19.03 - 9:39 am | #

aw shucks. I was going to say that about you.
ashleigh | Homepage | 02.19.03 - 2:41 pm

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