Momentum. I need some. I feel the hill beginning to shake her back, making a landslide, propelling me down. What valley will I travel next? The new year is bringing a change in work environment. Soon, I will make my way without paved roads or signposts. There is no need to be afraid. I know my position by the stars, and if the day brings confusion, I need only look to the sunset to know that my steps continue West. I will walk into the rays of dying light and remain there, a reminder to you that when the gloaming drops her veil on your eyes, you need not be afraid of the night. I will be just ahead of you, forging a path for your dreams.


That's... Well, I... er... Don't, like, follow me, or anything...
d | 01.14.03 - 9:49 pm | #

uh, YOU'RE following ME. stop it.
a | Homepage | 01.15.03 - 10:22 am | #

No, seriously, you're creeping me out. Don't stand... don't stand so... don't stand so close to me...
D | 01.15.03 - 9:46 pm | #

yeah yeah, kid, you're very smart. now shut up.
a | Homepage | 01.17.03 - 9:51 am | #

No, you can read a little bit more, if you want.
D | 01.18.03 - 7:51 pm | #

what the hell are you talking about??
a | Homepage | 01.21.03 - 9:53 am | #

I forgot weeks ago.
D | 01.22.03 - 10:43 pm | #

damn right you did. freak.
a | Homepage | 01.23.03 - 9:07 am

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