Last night, David and I went to see a screening of Far From Heaven. This was a special event given by Backstage, which is the actor's newspaper. The entire house was filled with actors. I now know for certain that the perpetrators of cellphone abuse during public film watching are actors. The theatre was singing with stupid phone jingles the entire night. Worse, every time they rang, everyone would boo, making it even more impossible to hear the film. The movie was fabulous. It was a beautiful meditation on prejudice in its many forms, and a woman's gradual awakening to a more honest version of herself. After the film, the knuckleheads behind us who had been talking all night said about the racial prejudice, "Good thing it's not like that now." "Yeah, I guess this is just about that time period."

!!!?!?!?!??! ! Sometimes people drive me nuts.

Todd Haynes is a venerable director. I highly recommend viewing all of his work. Julianne Moore is...well, she's just flat out amazing, always. After the film, Julianne Moore and Todd Haynes came onstage to discuss the project, how it came to pass, and what it meant to them. They were both very articulate, intelligent, and thorough in explaining the process. This was being filmed for the DVD, so perhaps if it's not terribly edited, you'll get to see the horror that was the question and answer period to follow.

"How do you prepare for a role like this?"
"When you were preparing for this role, how did you prepare for it?"
"Do you have a hard time preparing for the crying scenes?"
"Was all that amazing acting in the script, or did you just come up with it yourself?"
"Did you really fall in love with your co-star, or was that just really good acting?"
"Did you plan the dress you wore in that one scene?"
"Are you my mom?"

I'm not even kidding, except for the last one. These are ACTORS asking these questions. They should know better!! Truly the best one of the evening was the girl who got up and said:

"Hi Julianne, I've been wanting to tell you this for eight years. I saw a woman long ago on Northern Exposure who was so amazing that I thought to myself, 'She ought to be in the forefront of her industry, she's so wonderful.' So I was inspired, and I sold my things and packed my bags and moved to become an actor and I just have to thank you because that person was you."

Julianne had this horrified look on her face and Todd Haynes said, "You were on Northern Exposure?" to which she replied, "NO!" The girl was insistant that it was her, and Julianne was all red-faced and apologetic. It was hilarious. It was perfect. It exemplified Hollywood so well. People changing their lives FOR NO LOGICAL REASON WHATSOEVER to "become a star."

David and I just left slapping our foreheads.


"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation" used to fit; now I believe that the mass of men lead lives of blaring, idiotic regurgitation.
D | 01.23.03 - 11:21 am | #

amen, bruthuh.
a | Homepage | 01.23.03 - 12:11 pm | #

adriana! I have been negligent in saying hello lately... do you have aim?
ash | Homepage | 01.25.03 - 2:12 pm | #

I remember that ep of Northern Exposure. It was about these two women who founded the town of Cicely, Alaska. One of them "did" resemble Ms. Moore, but geez, totally not her.

On the subject of you getting to sit in the same room as Julianne Moore, all I can say is....I hate you. That is all.

William F. House | 01.27.03 - 4:08 pm

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