Control. I wish I had it. I wish I could just hold on to things, and bend them to my will. I wish I could plan the coming years, or even months or weeks. In life, but especially when you are an artist, you have to give up this control. There is no knowing the future, even in an immediate sense. Tomorrow, someone might call me to sail to Africa for a film shoot, or ask me to commit six months to a great play with no pay. Tomorrow, I might be sitting on my couch, out of a job. The latter is more likely. The problem, the challenge, is not giving in to Fear. I am asked to consider the lilies of the field. But come now, have the lilies of the field ever had to file for unemployment, or itemize their deductions? I ask you.

Upon further reflection, I really doubt anyone would ask me to sail to Africa. I'm pretty sure they have airplanes these days that get you there much faster.


Lucky lilies.
William F. House | 01.30.03 - 12:45 pm

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