This Sunday, The Endless will play. You're in Los Angeles? You want info? Click here.

It's impossible not to be excited about this month. I mean for God's sake, I have tickets to not one, but TWO advance screenings of The Two Towers. And then Tori comes to play. And then that magical thing some people call Christmas. I am so embarassed to admit how VERY into the holidays I am this year. I had no heart for it last year, so it's bubbling up with a vengeance this year. There's this station here, 103.5, and about three weeks ago I noticed that they were playing nonstop Christmas music. THE BEGINNING OF NOVEMBER and they're playing Christmas music. I found that instead of being annoyed, I was loving it. I no longer wanted to ram people with my car whilst driving. So now it's my not-so-secret shame, listening to the 4,000th rendition of Sleigh Bells sung by Sync Boyz in Da 0' Town and loving it. And see, now that it's December it's Legit. I can Listen Without Shame.

Oh my. *blush*


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