In the spirit of bandwagon-jumping, I thought maybe I'd make a list of my personal Top Ten for 2002. Top Ten what, you ask? Movies? Skateboards? Nail Polish Removers? Well heck, I don't know, just a top ten, of fun stuff that...entertained my ass immensely. I don't think these are in any particular order of Goodness either. They're just here for you to read. So there.

1. Frou Frou, Details. Hot diggity damn, I'm so happy that this music exists in the universe. Imogen Heap's voice mixed with Guy Sigsworth's gorgeous production makes something close to heaven. "Music is worthless unless it can/ make a complete stranger/ break down and cry." Amen.

2. A Series of Unfortunate Events, by Lemony Snicket. These little books are supposedly written for children but the dark, twisted humor is most certainly for the melancholic in you. Snicket guarantees at the beginning of this series of novels that no good will come to the Baudelaire children, no matter how much you want them to be happy, and he follows through. I can't wait to read these evil books to my dark, twisted child someday.

3. Any and all things Lord of the Rings. I know, you all know. But seriously, there are a few Great Stories that come to us in this world, and this is one of them. I don't think that it's chance either that this story is being retold now, at such a strained time in the world. I risk geekdom in saying much more, but I get weepy just thinking about it.

4. Mongolian Barbeque at every mall in my immediate vicinity (and probably the country). I'm very big into making sure I know what is in my food. At the Mongolian grill places, it's all about controlling what goes into your own food, not to mention the fun big round stove thingy and the big sticks. Tofu, pineapple, vegetables, and noodles all heated up together, with no extra crap. Mmmmmm. When the only thing close to your work is the mall, this is the way to go.

5. Scarlet's Walk, Tori Amos. Anyone who knows me wouldn't be surprised by this. Tori Amos is a huge influence of mine, and she proves again on this album that she is speaking what needs to be heard, when it needs to be said. This is a sonic novel about America, and the desperate search for identity, mythology, and meaning in a culture that is devoid of culture.

6. Nintendo Gamecube. God help us all, it's fun. It's...REALLY fun. It can be dangerously fun. For chicks especially, who can't dig the typical first person shooter games and flying and shooting and driving crap, Nintendo is the place for you. Fun characters, and actual female-led games, with non-violent themes. Just...don't let it keep you from having a life. Not that you would. Not that I would.

7. Punch-Drunk Love, Paul Thomas Anderson. Never has rage, loneliness, and sadness been so sensitively and humorously depicted in a romantic "comedy." This movie slipped through the mainstream cracks and I'm sure little Adam Sandler fans were horrified when they saw him actually acting. The film is delicious to watch on a sensory level, for its cinematography and use of color and light.

8. Pilates classes. Hoorah! I’ve finally found a workout that I will actually show up for. This is my teacher's website. For me, it’s bringing strength to the weakest part of my body, my abs, and reminds me of old days in ballet class without the deep evil body hatred and guilt attached. Very good runner up is Belly Dancing class, which I really love but at which I am terrible. There is something very powerful about 30 women in one sweaty YMCA room shaking their hips to the heavens.

9. Jimmy Corrigan, by Chris Ware. Ok, this didn't come out this year, but Mr. Ware's work only entered my life this year. I haven't read a ton of comics in my life, but this one is so heartwrenchingly beautiful, I consider it to be the best. Jimmy's story, told with Mr. Ware's spare and agonizing artwork, is a tragic meditation on the Sins of the Fathers. Read it and weep.

10. Nic Harcourt, host of Morning Becomes Eclectic, on KCRW. This man is the Patron Saint of Music. He is providing the world with the greatest music on radio today. You don't have to live in Los Angeles to hear it, just stream it on the web. There's a 24 hour music channel and a live channel. I can't tell you how many beautiful new artists the man has opened my ears to. I will truly feel accomplished if this man plays our music one day. He's given me something to strive for.

So, there's some stuff. There are a ton of great things that I've forgotten, I know it. Please feel free to add your own. Anyway, Happy New Year, sweet friends.


Coincidence, I too just posted my top ten lists for the year. Ho ho how are ya?
Amazing Larry | Homepage | 01.01.03 - 8:50 pm | #

A "sonic novel"....that's a sexy sentence.

Oh...and hey you! Go see "Adaptation" right now! I'm serious; even if you read this at 2 a.m., get up and go see it.

Gotta try the Mongolian BBQ thing. There's a BD's Mongolian BBQ in Boulder. Is that the one you're on about?
William F. House | 01.03.03 - 4:40 pm | #

Oh...and god bless KCRW. I listen to them daily via their net stream. I'm a HUGE fan of Liza and The Drop.
William F. House | 01.03.03 - 4:41 pm

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